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Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Bodybuilders/Muscles, Collegiates, Daddies, Hairy, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks, Young Men.
Stars: Tober Brandt, Ray Dragon, George Glass, Derrick Hanson, Colby Keller, Cam Kurtz, Chad Leigh, Ken Mack, Zackary Pierce, Cliff Rhodes, Marco Van
Studio: Titan Media
Duration: 150 minutes


Even by Joe Gage’s hard-cocked high standards, LifeGuard! The Men of Deep Water Beach is sensational. There’s never been a more shocking sex shack than the beach house headquarters these lifeguards share. Legendary Ray Dragon slammin’ it to a pair of pups. Soon-to-be legendary Tober Brandt swappin’ fucks with wild man Derrick Hanson. Hole hounds Zackary Pierce and that hot plugger with the big plunger, Ken Mack. Plus superbly masculine, stiff sizzler Cliff Rhodes coaxing hefty-cocked Colby Keller into getting what he wants in the most cunning play out ever of a classic Gage working guy scenario—on his wedding day, the groom’s too horned up to save it for his bride, and slides his ass onto the long-lasting present wielded by…well, who else but the father of bride?

LifeGuard! The Men of Deep Water Beach is generous in its three, hour-long scenes, and stingy with dialogue. These men of action say what they need to, and then they get to it. And the topping’s mighty fierce in the final group scene, blossoming into evermore big-barreled action. But it’s Joe Gage who tops himself, with LifeGuard! The Men of Deep Water Beach.

The eleven man cast is headed by TitanMen Exclusives Tober Brandt and Cliff Rhodes, alongside popular TitanMen performers Dragon, Pierce, Hanson, Keller, and Mack. Filling out the feisty cast are hairy-chested fuckers George Glass (Deep Water: Beach Patrol) and Marco Van (ManPlay 19), with smooth, young and incredibly hung Cam Kurtz (ManPlay 22: HardWork). Fresh new face Chad Leigh makes a Titan debut.

Scene One
Wedding Day. Cliff Rhodes tops Colby Keller.
Colby Keller’s so straitlaced he shows up for work on his wedding day. The Lifeguard Captain sends him home, where Keller confesses to his father-in-law to be, Cliff Rhodes. He’s inexperienced. And horny, from saving it for tonight. Rubbing his stiffening rod, Rhodes offers to help his son-in-law practice. “Yeah,” Keller hesitantly agrees. “That might be a good idea.”
A pair of solid boners pop out of pants. Keller’s mesmerized by Rhode’s whopper, and Joe Gage’s cock obsession is hypnotically indulged as the two men face off, jacking their meat. But it’s not far from there to sucking it, and Keller learns he likes his cock deep in Rhodes’ throat. Keller’s fat tool bulges even bigger as he kneels and savors a man’s cock for the first time. “Oh, sir,” Keller gasps, “I think I’m gonna cum!” “Call me Dad,” Rhodes drawls, and the pair pop out double loads of prick juice.
“Now I’m going to fuck you.” Rhodes spit-lubes Keller’s pristine asshole, and every inch of Rhodes’ mammoth meat disappears into Keller’s over-sensitive first-timer’s hole as the young man squats and rides. Rides like he’s been to the rodeo before, reaming his ass but good. Once again, the men erupt simultaneously, sending loads soaring overhead like rocket launchers.

Scene Two
Supply Shop. Ken Mack, Derrick Hanson and Tober Brandt.
Lifeguard Derrick Hanson heads for the supply shop. He noses around until he finds—what else? —the porn stashed in the back room. He looks it over, rubbing his swelling crotch. Ken Mack saunters in and sizes up the situation. Tension mounts, but Hanson’s mum as Mack provokes him. Will these straight dudes tumble? You bet, and Hanson gets to work on Mack’s humungous cock. The whole thing disappears in Hanson’s throat and slides back out, glistening and slippery. Store clerk Tober Brandt hears the slurping, and adds his superbly built body to the mix—massive biceps, broad pecs, stand-up nipples, and man, that supersized piece of steel sweetmeat. Tober eats ass like he ain’t had a morsel in months and face fucks both guys like a beast, making all three shoot sudden loads.
Brandt and Mack take turns fucking Hanson’s ass so raw that even sex scum Hanson says he can’t take any more. So Brandt lets Hanson fuck him, parting those miraculous mountains of butt cheek for Derrick’s deep drilling. Again, hot cum sprays, this time across Mack’s hairy chest.

Scene Three
Inducting the Rookie. Ray Dragon and Chad Leigh top Cam Kurtz; Zackary Pierce tops George Glass; also featuring Marco Van.
Lifeguard Captain Ray Dragon’s got a rookie to break in. Lanky Cam Kurtz is kinda surprised Dragon wants him to strip down, but can’t keep from getting a hard-on as Dragon unsuccessfully tries to stuff his uncut, foot long rod into a Speedo. It’s not gonna fit. Dragon relaxes the lad with the intoxicating application of mouth to cock. Damn, Dragon’s good! Not everyone could down such a huge prick—although his fellow lifeguards lay their lips on the overlong pole—Chad Leigh, a young, crewcut blond with an uncut whopper, and Marco Van, a handsome, hairy-chested man. Kurtz and Dragon sit down for another meat-beating face off, ‘til Kurtz’s bone bursts big blobs onto his belly. This
rookie’s really eager to earn his stripes, though, and gets it doggie style up this hairless ass. Dragon plows relentlessly, and the young guy’s ass works Dragon into shooting a second sizable load.
Zackary Pierce arrives, and Sheriff George Glass checks in. Now there are five rock hard, horny men rockin’ the room. While Glass works on Pierce’s gorgeous cock, young Leigh gives himself a squat fuck on Kurtz’ everhard rod. The pair pant their way to a cum-spattered conclusion, as Pierce drops his load right on the Sheriff’s badge.

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