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Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Bodybuilders/Muscles, Collegiates, Daddies, Dildos/Toys, Hairy, Latino, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks, Young Men.
Stars: Josh Carter, Kyle Foxxx, Ty Hudson, Christian Owen, Hunt Parker, Manuel Torres, Cole Ryder, Nick Horn, Eli Duran
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
Duration: 90 minutes


The Daddies may be in charge but it’s the boys who are having all the fun.
Hunt Parker is the hot daddy in charge and he is taunting and teasing his boy Josh Carter with stories about his friends’ adventures with their boys.

Hunt’s buddy Nick Horn is a bouncer at a hot fetish bar and Kyle Foxxx doesn’t have his ID, but he’s “willing to do anything to get in.” Those are the magic words that Nick wants to hear and before long he’s got Kyle locked up in a cage where he’s fed cock and ass through the bars. If Kyle wants to get out and into the bar, he knows he’s going to have to let Nick have his ass.

Manuel Torres is another one of Hunt’s daddy friends. Manuel is a hot drill sergeant daddy who caught one of his soldiers, Eli Duran, jacking off when he was supposed to be on duty. Eli ended up getting some special training up close and personal with Manuel’s military boots and when that wasn’t punishment enough Manuel fucked him so hard he would never forget it.

Christian Owen was a farm boy who was slacking off and napping in the barn when Ty Hudson and Cole Ryder wanted to go for a romp in the hay. After giving Cole a good fucking Ty wasn’t satisfied so he and Cole woke Christian up by shoving both of their cocks in his mouth. Not wanting to get in any more trouble than he already was, Christian gladly took it from both ends to make his daddies happy.

Like the good daddy that he is though, Hunt does end up giving it to Josh in the end. With jockstraps and dildos ready Hunt has his way with Josh and leaves his boy with a smile on his face in the end.

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