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Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Black, Bodybuilders/Muscles, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks.
Stars: Ian, Aarin, Zen, Rodney
Studio: Black Men
Duration: 90 minutes


Join porn superstar Marc Williams as he encounters turbulence in his relationship at home, then drifts off in his dreams to Hawaii. Once there, he encounters some very hot men in paradise - and proceeds to bottom for them in a first for Marc on a DVD release. Shot mostly on location in Hawaii, the video combines handsome, masculine black men with extraordinary scenery, and in the process, Marc becomes a new man!

Scene One:

This short 'n sweet li'l scene gets right to the point starting with hot muscle hunk Marc fucks Aarin's (good-looking with cornrows and tall/smooth/toned body) tight butt from behind (with condom). Marc pounds that hole sliding his huge cut dong in and out of the snug chute using fast 'n hard strokes. Aarin moans and groans loudly as Marc fills his lustful needs. Marc rolls Aarin over to the missionary position never missing a beat as he drills that fat cock. Aarin jerks his hard clipped tool dumping a small but thick load on his fist. Marc shoots a very thick load of jizz on Aarin's trimmed pubes and stomach.

Scene Two:

Once Marc goes to the gym, Aarin calls Ian (handsome with long braided hair and tall/smooth/muscular body) to come over for some booty. I'm not sure how Aarin can take it since he was just reamed. Ian shows up and has a very sexual and commanding presence. The dudes make out in the hallway with plenty of deep tongue sucking and exploring hands. They move to the bed where Ian pulls off his black briefs revealing shaved pubes, big balls, and an enormous cut cock. Ian straddles Aarin's chest allowing him to worship that huge slab of man meat cramming it down his throat, jacking the fat shaft and working the large knob. Ian munches down on Aarin's tight shaved asshole in the missionary position tonguing the pulsing pucker as Aarin strokes his rigid clipped dick. Ian fucks Aarin from behind (with condom) slowly working that huge dong up Aarin's insatiable manhole. Ian kicks it up and plows Aarin fast 'n hard sliding that thang in and out like wild piston. Aarin shoots a thick load on his pubic area and fist. Ian cuts loose squirting a huge thick load of spooge on Aarin's chest and stomach.

Scene Three:

Marc's in Hawaii relaxing by the pool when Zen (hot dude who looks to be Black and Asian, short hair, and muscular/smooth/tattooed body) walks by and boldly kisses Marc with deep wet tongue. Marc reaches under Zen's sarong stroking his hard cut tool, licking the knob, and taking the shaft deep throat to Zen's full pubes. Zen slowly fucks Marc's willing mouth allowing him to work his throat up and down the stalk. Zen gets down kissing Marc's hot muscular bubble butt eating his tight shaved hole for just a moment as Marc jacks his stiff clipped business. Zen fucks Marc from behind (with condom) using nice slow 'n smooth strokes to fill that tight bunghole with his beef stick. The fucking becomes faster and harder as both dudes fill the air with loud panting. Zen shoots a large wet load on Marc's butt. Marc lets loose with a large thick load on his fist and the ground. Soothing Hawaiian music plays in the background.

Scene Four:

Marc is once again taking it easy surrounded by the beautiful lush green tropical foliage of Hawaii. Rodney (handsome muscle dude with short hair) makes his way over and the dudes make out with plenty of deep tongue as a curious lizard watches from nearby. The dudes strip out of their bathing suits revealing those beautiful muscular bodies and Rodney's shaved pubes and fat uncut cock with nice long foreskin. Marc licks and sucks Rodney's chest 'n hard nipples working his way down and taking that big unclipped dong down his throat. Marc goes to town on that thang jacking the shaft and foreskin and sliding it down his throat with no problem. Rodney repays the oral favor sucking Marc's big clipped tool fisting the fat shaft with his hand as Marc fucks his face.

The dudes throw down in a traditional sixty-nine gorging on hard cock as that lizard keeps an eye on them and takes mental notes. Rodney rubs his cock between Marc's muscular butt cheeks making his foreskin slide back and forth over the moist knob. Rodney fucks Marc from behind (with condom) taking his time to slowly work his dong up that tight asshole making Marc grunt with pleasure. That snug chute feels so good that Rodney begins to thrust faster 'n harder into Marc switching to the side/missionary position to plow in and out. Rodney straddles Marc shooting a big thick load of jizz on Marc's stomach. Marc jack off as Rodney pinches his hard nipples shooting a thick load of spunk on his stomach.

Scene Five:

Marc's enjoying the evening breeze next to the swimming pool which is illuminated by tiki torches. He's soon joined by Zen and Rodney who lead him over to the Jacuzzi for some fun. The dudes strip out of their sarongs and sink down in the hot bubbly water. The guys engage in a three-way make out with very eager wet tongues and curious hands disappearing under the water. They stand up jacking their hard tools and helping each other out with their free hands. Marc bends over allowing Rodney to suck his hard cock and nuts by pulling 'em back between his muscular thighs while Zen licks Marc's hard nipples and feels his bum. Marc reaches back rubbing his tight shaved bunghole leading Zen and Rodney to give the pucker a full rub. Marc's starved for hard cock switching between the two cramming them down his gullet and jacking the shafts. Rodney fucks Marc from behind (with condom) using long smooth strokes that become faster 'n harder making Marc gasp with pleasure. Rodney pounds that hole and shoots a very thick load of spunk on Marc's back and bum. Zen pulls his pork shooting a thick load on Marc's shoulder while Marc shoots a thick load of jizz on the ground while Rodney and Zen pinch his hard nipples.

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