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Themes: Anal Sex, Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Cum Eating, Felching, Oral Sex, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks.
Stars: Dawson, Sean Storm, Jesse O'Toole, Lee Clifford, Joe Sarge, Axle Powers, Marc Hamilton, Troy James, Zak Raven, Jynx, Ross X, Andrew Saks, Big Vinny, Rod Fulton, Peter Parker, Robbie Wood, Steven Trotter, Billy Fish, Deek, Connor Madison
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Duration: 110 minutes


DAWSON is hotter, sleeker and sluttier than ever, enjoying the wild sexual world of IML (International Mr. Leather), CHICAGO. And we got the phenomenally sexy and slutty SEAN STORM to join DAWSON (since we figured these two would compliment each other well). And the result is . . . well, I think it may be the best and fucking hottest video we've produced so far.

These two mega-bottoms arrived at IML hoping to get as many cocks and hot loads up their asses as they possibly could. They wanted their holes to be all worked-over and cum-sloppy and the studs at IML obliged and then some!

Scene One: Jesse and Dawson
Ever since Dawson saw Jesse O'Toole in PLOWED!, he had been longing to feel that now-legendary horsecock slide deeper, deeper, deeper into his ass. So the very first item on Dawson's Chicago agenda was getting porked by Jesse's "spicy footlong".
Jesse was in perfect form he really is the most primal stud in porn today and he gave Dawson a stretch-yer-hole fucking that left the handsome muscular bottom grinning and limping.

Scene Two: Four-Way Fuck
We'd been in touch with real-life partners Rod Fulton and Zak Raven and like Dawson they wanted to be in a fuck session with Jesse O'Toole.
So we recruited the very willing Sean Storm to get fucked by topman Zak, while Rod lifted his tan and muscular legs so he could get pummeled and pounded to within an inch of his life.
The action is thick with fucklust and testosterone and in the end both Sean and sexy Rod find themselves with big ol' hot thick loads of spooge in their asses. PRIMAL fucking in this one!

Scene Three: Public Stairwell
Dawson is more than a little exhibitionistic and loves making himself available to . . . well, to EVERY man who needs a hot silky-smooth hole for a good ol' staysfying load-dump. So he went to a public stairwell with lean stud Andrew Saks and bent over so Saks could fuck his brains out.
Just before Andrew blasted a load of nature's best lube up Dawson's guts, a fuckin' hot and furry Leather Daddy wanders in. Big Vinny was headed downstairs to meet some buddies and the sight of Dawson getting a hot sperm dose sidetracked him! Vinny slid his fat cock into Dawson's load-lubed fucktube and took a very willing Dawson to heaven and back.
Dawson later told us that Vinny was his favorite man at IML and you can see it in Dawson's face as he gives it all up for Daddy. After Vinny pops a big load deep inside Dawson, the well-mannered love-struck bottom turns around and sucks that daddydick clean. (LOTS of ATM in this vid!)

Scene Four: Damon Gets Blown
One of the cameramen for the "Four-Way Fuck" (Scene Two) was our gonzo pornographer and cum-sucking skateboarder Damon Dogg (of DAMON BLOWS AMERICA fame). He was more than a little turned on by the action, so when fuckin' hot Rod Fulton asked if he could nurse a nice big load out of Damon's bloated schlong, how could the kid refuse?
Not just a world-class fuck-bottom (and anyone who can take Jesse in his aggressive fuck mood is definitely world-class), Rod proves he is also a totally committed cum-drinkin' cocksucker as well.

Scene Five: Dawson and Sean's All-Day FUCK Party
Here's the centerpiece of the entire video: we put together an all-day FUCK party for our two super-bottoms, Sean Storm and Dawson, to see how much cock and sperm they could handle. Well, they both got fucked by man after man after man, and at the end of the day they were both still ready for more. And they both got more . . .

This is one of the hottest and finest scenes we've ever shot: it goes beyond way beyond a porn fuck orgy and shows how incredible it can be when groups of men gather to celebrate fucklust, fertility, and each other each man pumping a load into those hungry bottoms, then making room for the next and the next.
If you're lucky enough to have gone to orgies like this, you'll recognize it. If you haven't been that fortunate, you'll see it clearly enough in this scene: this is male fucking as a Rutting Communion a sexual experience that defines us as men and sets us apart.

After the action is over and all the tops have left happier and relieved of about a gallon of sperm (incredibly-ripped Axle Powers dumps THREE LOADS up BOTH of the cumsloppy holes) Sean lays back, lifts his legs, and then Dawson licks and sucks ALL the cumloads out of Sean's stretched and gaping hole.

Scene Six: Jesse and Sean
Both Dawson and Sean were desperate to get a chance to be fucked by Jesse O'Toole. Slutty Dawson couldn't wait and got Jesse's load literally an hour after Jesse stepped off the plane in Chicago (Scene 1). But Sean Storm wanted Jesse's mega-choda to be the very last one of his IML trip, getting that big ol' thang to slide way up inside him after his beautiful little bottom had been fucked, seeded and used bloodyraw by a gang of men. Sean wanted to FEEL Jesse and feel him he does!
There are moments when it looks like he won't be able to take that giant cock all the way, but Jesse was in the mood to fuck deep, and Sean was determined to get every fuckin' inch of Jesse's manhood inside him. It's the fuck of a lifetime and Sean squeals and cries out in both pain and bliss. This is without doubt one of the hottest fuck scenes I've ever seen. And both Sean Storm and Jesse prove that they are at the peak of their lusty powers. This is NOT to be missed.

CUM-SLOPPY BUTTHOLES is loaded with blazing hot raw sex. Don't miss the opening minutes before the first scene: Jesse warms up Dawson's perfect ass by fucking him "three ways to heaven" in front of a huge window in a public hotel hallway! And in the DVD version there's nearly a half-hour of bonus footage of Dawson taking more anonymous spooge up his ass at a Chicago BathHouse. (The guy just can't get enough of the juice inside him!)

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